6 Things People Don't Know About Me life is an open book.  So why don't ya'all post comments about 6 things you know about me!

Fine~I'll participate
*  I'm very competitive.  Oh crap!  EVERYBODY knows that.  OK Fine, seriously
* I have had the same best friend since 7th grade.  And we still talk more that 3 times a week (usually)  Love you Jenny Lou ( Ned claims it's more like three times a day!  Hey, I'm not THAT needy ;))
I am racking my brain here.  I have nothing to share
* I started making a list of children's names (for my future children) when I was grade school and I've only got to use 3 names off that list and I'm constantly on the lookout for more great names.  That is because I like to have too many decisions which allows me to be indecisive.
* I am not a keeper.  I chuck stuff like there is no tomorrow.  I'd rather burn my house down and start fresh than keep anything.  Which is odd because I really like moving (the whole tidyness of a packed house, everything in a place, taped and boxed nice and tidy-like)
* I went to college in Moscow straight out of high school with the plan to become a veterinarian, serve a mission and maybe someday a family would come along sometime.  Totally screwed up that goal!  Which is a testament to my firmly held belief that goals not achieved are feedback, not failure.  I like my screwed up life.
* I have studied classical piano since I was five years old and if I practice up a little, I'm really good!  I like that because it means I don't have to sing, I can sit behind the piano and lead the show.
* I really admire and look up to my Mom.  I know, a weird thing to say people don't know this about me, but I don't know if she knows it.  She is truly amazing!  All the struggles she has had in life have not derailed her faith in her Savior.  She gives and gives and gives with never a thought for herself.  I love you MOM!  You raised dang good young'uns.


Bonnie said...

It's fun getting to know you better! Thank You for being such a good friend to Candice. She loves you dearly and I'm grateful you're there in McCall with her. It's fun reading your site and how funny and open you are!
Love ya~

Nead Family said...

very cool post, Nikki! I did know that about you liking to move. YOu've helped me move a few are the Queen of packing boxes and taping everything up nice and 'tidy like'. I look up to your mom, too. She is always so upbeat and posititve and giving. She really is great. And so are YOU!!

becky ward said...

Hello Nichole! THanks for leaving the comment on my blog. It will be fun getting to know you. I loved "Aunt" Marie!

Nick and Karalynn said...

Where did you use the third name on your list?