Be more fun

My fans {or rather the natives} are getting restless and I've heard on the down low that my blog used to be fun and my fans used to be addicted and now it's just talk talk talk talk talk talk talk.

So what do my fans want to see?  Pictures?  Jokes?  A travel log of my upcoming trip to St.Louis?  More pictures?  Interactive quizzes perhaps?  The latest Hollywood news?  I am here to serve~~so step up and give some requests.  Otherwise I'll be stuck in my political ranting forever


Paige said...

PICTURES!!! We want to see your boys! Gavin would love to see pics of Reed...he LOVED the pictures of the fox by the way. Take pictures are YW's too for me:)

becky ward said...

more pictures!

The Christy Clan said...

photo's would be great!!

The Christy Clan said...

Hey I wanted to ask-you mentioned on my blog how I'm getting spam-how to I block it?

Bonnie said...

Hey, how are you? busy it sounds!
You like politics, me too!
check out this site to view the democratic debates! I found it interesting as I still haven't formed my opionion completely yet! Of course, you'll have to do this in your spare time! I'm sure my family would be happy to help you! Candice can babysit and Liesel and Holly and help move! They will just love me wont they!
he-he-he...... Hope it goes well!
Take Care~
Love ya~
by the way, great music!