Moving~new e mail address

We're so excited to move out of the city. We'll be living just north of McCall. One problem, no DSL access. So we're switching to Alltell and will be using wireless internet. Hopefully as good as in town, but time will tell. Hence, we will no longer access our e mail address. You can contact me via yahoo or hotmail account. I'll send our new address as soon as we're all set up at home.

So if my fans can be patient and not desert me, I will be posting again soon. Sorry for all you addicts ;)


Rima said...

You guys can't stay in one place for very long can you? You didn't even last a year in this house. LOL!!! Are you getting a new phone number too? Not that you ever answer when I call.

Nichole said...

hi rima! we're always looking ;)

same cell number and alltel wireless internet is a no go (bad signal). So I'm working on alternate plans. stay tuned....