Ned woke me up too early with a phone call from my good friend Brenda today (9am sheesh Brenda, let a lazy person sleep eh?).  That started the day off on the right foot.  Ned had yet to drive our new vehicle so we loaded the Honda with crackers and cheese and headed for Ontario.  Ned has been very skeptical about my excitement for a Toyota Sequoia until today when he finally touched/sat in/gunned it/slammed it/jerked it/ and LOVED it.  So I no longer have to be the salesman, he's totally good with my obsession. 

I did decide to go with a lighter color brown instead of the Pyrite.  Going with Desert Sand.

On the way home everybody slept and Nichole drove and brainstormed.  Where does your brain feel the free-est?  Shower?  Car?  Nature?   Mine does the best thinking in the car late at night.  Here are some things I've got to get taken care of.
  • renewed energy to get going on my Six Week Body Makeover.  Check out the link if you don't know what that is
  • great ideas for kid fitness at the Aspen club (top secret)
  • excitement for the Leadership Conference I'm attending in St Louis MO next weekend
  • gratitude for my wonderful little family and my totally easy life.  When's the last time you really gave thanks for all God has blessed you with?
  • hope for my Doc appointment tomorrow with the repro specialist (here in McCall from Boise)
  • find some earphones for my Treo so I can listen to walking music on MP3 instead of a "skip prone" CD.  I'm SO old school.  Get with the times Nichole!

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