Still alive

Glitches are great! I'm going to contact a computer specialist here in McCall to pick his brain about internet access and how I can avoid dial up and Frontier. I'd love to hear some "out of the box" ideas from someone using unconventional methods for internet at home. It's really stinky not to be able to jump on for a couple minutes. I have to bundle the family up and go "into town" as we country folks like to say, just to check e mail. Yes I can check on my phone but I still have to walk to the end of the driveway because we're right next to a hill which cuts off the cell signal in the house. What a sorry life I have! My biggest trial is no DSL internet in my home. I thank God every night for that being my biggest trial.

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Rima said...

There's satellite internet. I've looked into it but it's too much for me well for Brian. He doesn't want to pay that much unless I want to learn how to make a lot of money online.