I'm in charge

This year marks fifteen years of being an adult.  I graduated from Teton High School in Driggs, Idaho, in 1993.  Holy crap!  I'm getting old.

I am in charge of our reunion this year.  Keeping it simple and fun.  The blessed event is Labor Day weekend (Aug 30) and I'm REALLY excited.

Our school colors~orange and maroon (could you gag elsewhere please)
Our school mascot~Redskins
Our favorite teacher~whaddya say classmates??

I'd love to hear some great reunions you've had

I need contact information (mailing address, phone number etc) from classmates.  

Click on my profile and my address is there~


Nay Family said...

ummmmmm what? You're in charge of your reunion this year? WERE 'POPULAR'! You will now suffer the wrath of Crystal, my dear friend, Cholie, AKA: POPULAR Class Reunion Organizer.
You are no longer a closet highschool popular person. I appreciate your coming out. Can't wait to spread the news at the next 'get to know you' activity.

MIN:) said...

Darn, the Manwarning reunion is on the 30th. Guess we will miss you.