Photo a Day #5

We're getting REAL desperate for Will to finish (after over a year) this potty training thing.  He's doing totally horrible and he doesn't care.  Doesn't work~guilt, shame, spanking, rewards, bribes, nakedness, pullups, reminders.  We've resorted to paying the little sweetheart.  He gets a quarter EVERY time he goes pee (if he's still dry).  He can go as much as he wants whenever he wants.  I ask him if he wants another quarter? "no, I have one!" do you want another "uuuuummm......................otay" go pee and you'll get one "no" yes "otay".  He earned $1.25 today.  He bought a pack of starburst (can you say rip off~99 cents for that garbage) and I tempted him with that throughout the day too.  He still will not voluntarily go by himself and it's an argument each and every time I remind him.  "d personality" coming through strong.



Heather said...

Oh, girl, I'm going through the SAME thing with my twins. I feel your pain, sister. I bought my girls a little potty that plays a song when the pee and everything. Talk about a waste of money. They could care less.

Jes said...

I'm scared...I'm walking on eggshells about going potty because I'm afraid of the power struggle. But I'm also tired of buying diapers!!!

Talk to my mom, if you haven't already...she's a pro with good advice.

The Neads said...

Monika is doing the same thing... she was totally potty trained and then she decided she didn't want to anymore. So she started taking her panties off and pooping on the floor. I guess my suggestion is just wait and watch. Tell him that his favorite characters on tv go potty in the toilet. Monika is now in a diaper again.
Did Kelly tell you we were prego??
Due about beginning of February... Long way to go!

Nay Family said...

Hmmm...I've potty trained a lot of kids and each one is different. We do a sticker chart. They only get a sticker every time they go.

I told one kid the store ran out of pull ups. He was almost 4. Totally worked.

Remember that old toy where you stack the 5 different sized multi colored rings (the ones that look like do-nuts) on the post thingy? Those rings float. Maybe with your little 'cop kid' instead of 'going potty' it could be 'target practice'. The rings don't flush, either.
Good luck!

MIN:) said...

we tried with Thomas for about 6 months, with no success, so we stopped for a while. Tyson wants us to start again soon, but I am still not seeing any signs of readiness from Thomas.
Good LUCK!