Of course I will

If there's a contest to be had, Nichole is ALL OVER IT!  (yes I'm yelling~I'm a yeller~also a horn honker~and a name caller~*honk honk* YES I KNOW I'M AN IDIOT! *honk, honk*

Heather and Tiffany are SO excited to welcome you to The Secret is in the Sauce.  What is this blog all about?  Well, it's all about you. About us.  About girl power in it's best form.  Supporting one another as we journey through the blogosphere.

Monday through Friday, we will be featuring a new Blogger every day.  We will tell you a bit about why the blogger ROCKS and provide links to their "Best" posts.  Once featured, the blog is added to our "Saucy Blogs".  Only 20 at a time will be listed.

Your job is to follow the link and COMMENT.  Comment often.  Not sure how to start?  Try "Hey! Came on over through SITS, great post."  Then give her some props and read another post.

Now that you have some info, we have a contest!  

That's right ladies, A Blogger's Survival Kit.


The SITS GIRLS said...

OOOoooo, look at you!! You've just earned yourself two extra entries into the contest.

Debbie said...

Hi Nichole! Thanks for stopping by today SITS sister! Although I noticed you have Elena on your blogroll and she is one of my blogging buddies! Small world. I read your post about potty training. It took me a year to train my son. I started.He wanted nothing to do with it...and he was three! I didn't push it and the following summer (yes at FOUR!!)I did the intensive, run around in undies only, fed him water and oj popsicles all day with M&M rewards and closed us up in a room with a tarp. I sat him on the potty every 30 minutes whether he had to go or not. Yeah he had accidents, but by day three he got it, and we never went back. But I had to prepare myself as well as tell him that we were never going back to pull-ups He was also more ready then. Don't push it too much. It will happen and believe me I thought it never would. Nice to meet you!

Elena said...

Fun bunch of ladies aren't they? Too much good stuff to read. It'll keep you busy for hours.