How will I survive?

the dad and i are planning to have more kids.  how will i survive?  we have our boys 2 best friends at our house for 2 days and all my me time is gone.  of course i still have time to read the blogs (nothing absolutely NOTHING comes between me and the blogs) but this is all i have time to write about.  today i've got four kids and all i got was this lousy post.

don't get me wrong.  kids are having a ball and i adore the little sweeties, but wow!  
~takes lots of extra policing (friends do not hit friends on the head with golf clubs)~

~gourmet cheffing (what? oh yeah pork friend rice and sweet and sour pork or rather dead pig was a hit)~

~paid entertainering (everybody stop yelling at each other and let's play the question game)~

~personal wardrobe advisoring (yes you must cover your nakedness, nobody should be seeing your penis)~



~psychologisting (why are you pushing everyone? tell me about your mother) ~

~family counseling (no it's not a good idea to get married and have children when you're 5)~

~spiritual advisoring (no reed we don't pretend to be satan)~

i'm being summoned... meaning someone is screaming or crying


Nay Family said...

LOL!!! Hmmmmm.... for some odd reason I am totally not feeling any sort of empathy for you.
My latest 3 year old counsel was..."We don't pull the blankie out from underneath the baby".
Just remember that you can utilize all these children to your benefit. IE: "Please go get mommy her coke from the fridge" or, on harder days... "Please bring mommy a valium". It's all good. This too, shall pass. LOL!!!

becky ward said...

yes, you will survive. in the mean time, thanks for making the rest of us laugh! this post was HILARIOUS!

Jes said...

I just want to say thanks for not letting your kids pretend to be Satan...that was my favorite part about this post. It took me away from the scary part about having more kids. Better you than me! :)

Love ya!