Things to Come

I'm pretty bored with my life because the most excitement of my morning is toast.  I LOVE toast!  I don't know if it reminds me off Grammy's house.  My fondest memories of toast.  Or if I'm addicted to the salt in butter that is slathered on my toast.  Maybe it's the crunchy toastiness of the bread.  The crumbs I could do without.  Never use a heel to make toast.  Do not add honey or jam or anything that takes away from the plain and precious white toast with butter.

Anyway...there are some great things in store for Nichole that I should be excited to jump out of be in the morning for (my boys, the blogs, my new business, upcoming fixer-uppers to my body).  I should be up at 0'dark thirty enjoying all my life has.

But alas, I lounge as long as the five and three year old will let me (MOM I'm REALLY hungry, no you're not, go back to bed ;P) and my first thought out of bed...toast.

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The Neads said...

I too love toast, the simplicity and deliciousness of white bread toasted with butter. WOW!! I could eat toast any minute of any day. Great tribute to a lovely food.