Unsportsmanlike Conduct?

The Americans have dominated (in the past), but this Olympics has been a Jamaican Olympics,” said Stewart.

Bolt, 22 on Thursday, collected his second gold in a rain-soaked ceremony in the Bird’s Nest stadium and gave his signature lightning bolt gesture for the cameras.

The head of the International Olympic Committee has questioned the Jamaican’s sportsmanship, taking exception to his exuberant celebration of his 100 meters win on Saturday when he pounded his chest even before crossing the finish line.

“I think he should show more respect, shake hands, give a tap on the shoulder to the other ones. Not making gestures like the one he made,” Jacques Rogge said. “He still has to mature.”

Jamaican coach and former sprinter Don Quarrie defended Bolt, saying his celebrations were just youthful high spirits, from a man who is “playful, funny, happy.”

When I watched Usain run I thought he was showboating quite a bit. I can understand the excitement in winning and achieving your dreams but I agree that there was the hint of disrespect. It's like running up the score in a basketball game. You know you're killing your opponent but there is no reason to jeer at their efforts. I'm all for celebration and a little smack talking. BUT, he obviously could have finished stronger because he was showing off. Then again, maybe there was strategy in all this.

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Jes said...

I'll have to look up the video since I missed the race.