Am I the last person on earth to hear about Rick Reeve?!?

I'm listening to BYU Radio today whilst playing a little game o'Carcassonne and everyone else is napping (the lazy slugs) and on comes this B-U-Tee-full piano solo. Rick Reeve - Miracles - One Mind One Heart . I did a little research and this is no new puppy to the game. He's been around awhile. So I'll be getting a CD or 3 of his. Go to his site and enjoy some great piano.

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Cardon Family said...

I don't know how to comment back to you so that is why I haven't answered your questions. So I guess I'll go this route. I'm not losing more weight, I guess it's just a good angle! I'll have to remember it. LOL

You need to help the Nanster get a cord for her camera and download some pics. That is her next foray into the blog world. I told her it was fun to read but let's get some pics up!