The Shore Lodge

Our beautiful old hotel has new owners and had an open house today. Free BBQ and self guided tour of the grounds. WOW!!! It was fantastic. We got to see the two story Elizabethan Suite. The Presidential Suite, each complete with dining room. There is a 45 seat theatre inside where they show movies every night for the guests. They were broadcasting the BSU game tonight ~~ GAG!!!! I said I'd come watch the next Idaho game. GO VANDALS!!!!!

They have lowered the rates and plan to make it a place for locals to gather (like in the old days) instead of the exclusive $500 per night rooms. There was a huge rock wall running the length of the parking lot next to the highway so as you drove by you only caught glimpses of the "fortress". They've taken the wall down and cut back the landscaping so now we get to look at the beautiful hotel as we pass.

I'm so excited to have access to this gem. We have reservations at THE NARROWS next Tuesday for locals night. We know the head chef and he said he'd comp us some desserts. WOO HOO!!

Come to McCall and we'll party at the shore lodge!!

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