I'm done being thankful

JUST KIDDING! I think I will remember this as the Cream Cheese Thanksgiving. I bought 8 bricks of cream cheese to create the ultimate menu =D

I had THE BEST Turkey Day ever this year (2008). My family sacrificed a lot to come up to McCall because we weren't going to be able to travel but ended up with Ned having a week off (unexpectedly, the day before). Everybody came up anyway and it was marvelous.

Jessica was TOTALLY nervous about me cooking dinner for us be I believe she still has her foot in her mouth (HA HA HA). We had Brined Roasted Turkey, Cranberry/Brown sugar glazed Ham, Korn Kiblets (with cream cheese), Creamy Mashed Potatoes (with cream cheese), homemade Stuffing with mushrooms, Candied Yams (with baby marshmallows, Jessica's contribution which Ned claims were the best he'd ever eaten and he raves about them every hour on the hour), Turkey Gravy made from scratch in the roasting pan (hated cooking gravy in the roasting pan, won't happen again) but the gravy was good. Spence chopped up the gizzards, I dumped them in and I thought Summer was going to lose her lunch. "I wish I hadn't seen that" she says. I strained them out after simmering them for a few minutes and releasing all their yummy flavor into the gravy. She ate some I believe, and survived to tell the tale =D Summer made brown gravy for the first time (DE.LISH!)

Veggie trays with spinach dip, green onion ranch dip, and some other dip that had lots of BITS in it. We went through 3 cans of olives, of which I believe Maddie finished 2 entire cans herself.

AHHHHHH....dessert! Summer brought a super amazing pumpkin pie dump cake with Cool Whip TO DIE FOR! Yes I ate a bite Sum Sum. But only one. No bake cheescake with raspberry, or blueberry, or cherry topping. Spence did you ever try it? Mom absolutely refused to take any leftover cheesecake home because she knew she'd gobble up the entire thing before it got to Meridian. I think Summer was disappointed. I'll make some just for you =D

Root beer floats (of which Max did not care for) and

the pièce de résistance   /pyɛs də reɪziˈstɑ̃s; Eng. piˈɛs də rɪziˈstɑns/ Show Spelled Pronunciation [pyes duh rey-zee-stahns; Eng. pee-es duh ri-zee-stahns] Show IPA Pronunciation

plural pièces de ré⋅sis⋅tance  /pyɛs də reɪziˈstɑ̃s; Eng. piˈɛs də rɪziˈstɑns/ Show Spelled Pronunciation [pyes duh rey-zee-stahns; Eng. pee-es duh ri-zee-stahns] Show IPA Pronunciation . French. 1. the principal dish of a meal.
2. the most noteworthy or prized feature, aspect, event, article, etc., of a series or group; special item or attraction.

Summer's Turtles (or Take Five knock offs). Yum Yum! Ned is still in awe


Nead Family said...

You are so funny, Nichole! The most amazing part of the meal was your turkey! So moist and flavorful--really, a wonderful meal. Thanks for all your hard work--it was a wonderful feast and fun time! A great Thanksgiving! And, your cheesecake was to die for...I'm sad we didn't take any home, but my hips are thanking me and my inner thighs. Thanks again!

The Neads said...

So i need the low down on the games. Which ones did you play, and did they totally suck without us. Oh yeah and who won. Hope everyone had fun. We missed you.


Napes said...

I haven't jumped onto other blogs in forever! I was so happy for your food donations to the fam last week. You rule- no exceptions. I took the casserole to my moms to share as well and she has your bowl. (I do not rule, no debate) :) I'll get it back to you as pronto as a slow person can. I also checked out your other blog and think you have some fantastic contributions to a friends website:

Don't tell her you know me. She's trying to be VERY discreet. For real. But your expereinces could help out maybe.

Sorry yet again for all of my blabbing the other day. I so did not expect the unexpected visitor. I had to roll with it. I'm no expert but would love to talk again. Let me know when is best for you.

Sure love your guts...even though you're loosing them.

Napes said...

Ok so you need to comment on my blog in support of the schooling at home thing. I posted about it and there are no comments. Hmm. Second post down. I'll pay you...

Camilla said...

Sounds like AMAZING food!! And, of course, always great company with the Nead clan. . . .