The Time Has Come

I bee.bopped into a blog with Christmas music that started automatically (which I HATE by the way. If I want to listen to your music, I'll click on it. So go to your player and shut off the auto play option PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!!!!)

I shut off the music and Reed yells "Mom turn that on!" and starts dancing around. So I guess we'll be putting the Christmas music up on my blog. We will hopefully get our outdoor lights up today and tree next weekend.


Nay Family said...'s been a week. I feel like a stalker. Where are you? If I comment more will you blog more?

Camilla said...

I am loving the chistmas music!

Jes said...

Sorry that you hate the auto play. I always stop the music, but ours is set on auto play. That's not my department though, I don't even know what music I have on my blog. Selah wants to spell something:

Anyway, merry Christmas! We miss you. Oh, and Will is hilarious on the ice.