I have the big no brainer of the day.

If we want to "stimulate" the economy. And if we the people are supposed to spend to do that, how about give us back all our taxes we've paid over the years.

Give each person in the US with a social security number $150,000.

Talk about STIMULATE!!!!

I know a ton of people who would buy homes. Who would take vacation. Start a business. Go to college. Pay off debts owed. Donate to charity. There would be no homeless. There would be no one without health insurance. There would be no hungry children. It would help all the people with mortgage problems.

It would provide LONG TERM stimulation. There would be inventions. There would be innovation. There would be happiness and excitement.

Look at all the people who win big lotteries. What do they do? Spend.

Dear President Obama,
If you really want to help us and help your country and help the economy; GIVE US BACK OUR MONEY!!!!!

What would you do with $150,000?

#1...Buy a house
#2...Pay off my debts
#3...Take a long vacation
#4...Put a bunch in savings
#5...Stock my pantry, buy some guns, get some horses, fun my business BIG TIME, get a haircut, buy new clothes (I don't have much that fits...a good problem to have) for me and my family, go out to eat...STIMULATE!

And last but not least, it would be a heck of a lot cheaper than any of the plans in motion right now.


Anonymous said...

I am with you on this one!! I would definitely stimulate with that in my pocket......

The Neads said...

Amen sis. Why not take the 700 Billion Dollars and give it to the people. Not businesses that don't make things people want to buy.

Nichole said...

what would you do with $150 G's?!?