My Pet Peeve

Children with long fingernails and toenails. I don't know why this sicks me out but EEEWWW!!! The toenails are the worst.


Camilla said...

Yes, I am totally with you on that. . . .but, there is one thing about kids that makes me more crazy: bad breath. I feel like I am generally loving and understanding, but when I am tutoring a kid and they blow their stinky breath on me, I just get grossed out-- I mean they are kids. If their breath is stinky, does that mean it has been a week since they brushed?

Nay Family said...

ohmygosh....I actually said that to my mom before I dropped Tessa off. Sorry bout that. I'm doing it right now.

Nichole said...

HA! I was clipping the claws off my little homeless boys when I was reminded of my pet peeve =D Of course I wasn't posting that b/c of Tess. You're silly =D