Dinner with the LDS Missionaries

The menu...

Spencer's Prime Rib (which is sold as Boneless Ribeye Roast, who knew?) with A Jus that I burned DANGGIT!

Aunt Doris' Candied Yams

Cherrie Stewart's Korn Kiblets (I couldn't find a pretty picture of corn that resembles my creamy corn recipe, so here's some pretty corn)

Aunt Doris' Crescent Rolls

Peas and Carrots

Green Beans

Ned's Vanilla Pudding

I wish I knew how to photo shop all these De-lish pictures and put them on a fancy table with a cute Christmas table cloth. But I digress...

I'm a great thief! I am seriously so un-original but I am a wicked good copy cat!

Here is the recipe for the rub that is TO DIE FOR!!! From The All New All Purpose Joy of Cooking. Which is my MOST used and very favorite cookbook.

Herb Rubbed Rib-Eye Roast (High Temperature Method) on page 650
2 Tb EVOO (extra virgin olive oil for ya'all that live under a rock)
1 Tb minced garlic (it seems like a lot, but it's perfect)
1 Tb dried thyme
1 tsp dry mustard
1 tsp Sea Salt
1/2 tsp ground black pepper

My favorite part of the meat was the crusty outside. This inside cuts tended to have too much fat for my taste.

Boys kept eating and eating and eating and eating and eating. Will (no joke) had a stomach ache after because he ate so much.

Is he my boy, or is he my boy....sad for him.

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Nichole said...

All my food was as pretty if not PRETTIER as all these shots. But I suck at taking pictures. Serious suckage