Totally Groovy Temple Trip

Yay for the new eternal family!

This couple was married in the temple (we actually saw our friends from Hollister Ward, I think Gary is the Bishop in that ward now, in the waiting room. This is our friend's niece. Small world in the LDS church isn't it). I didn't see her temple dress but could this ensemble be any more beautiful! Amazing! And so out of the ordinary. Couldn't tear my eyes away.

We saw the Pillings in the waiting room too. Spence and Summer's Meridian neighbors. WEIRD!!

We ate at the Garden Restaurant at the top of the Joseph Smith Memorial Building. The building was decorated all for Christmas and all the interior detail were beautiful. But this view, undeniably the best part of the building! Salt Lake Temple spires right next to you while you nosh.

The best part of dinner! Not that the food wasn't good, it was, but these were delightful!


Jillane said...

my parents did mention they saw you this weekend. crazy!!

The Dominos said...

That's my cousin! It really is a small world. This is the only picture I've seen from the wedding though. Funny that I saw it here, instead of from my family!