I'm a horrible Mom

I had Will's birthday post all set to go on his birthday.  Didn't get it done.  Here it is.  (I gave Will a dollar and he forgave me)

The day the love started...Five years ago...

Will is a go getter. He was walking at 8 months old.

And he's been an animal lover since he could grab 'em and squeeze 'em and maul 'em

We had the Elders over for dinner. We ate Chicken and Stuffing Casserole. The fantastic drinks are Sugar Free White Cran Peach with dry ice for effect. The Elders were loving the steam as much as the little boys.

Will got his Camo Cake.  The dark colors didn't contrast with each other very well but it still got as many ooh's and aah's as the colorful rainbow cake I made for Mallory's birthday.

The next day we had to repeat the bowling party for Will because Reed is his idol and whatever Reed does, Will can do better.  Yes he is a Choleric!  Since we were going to Boise for Home Dawg Education LLC's next client, Copper the six month old Golden (pictures soon!  He's a DOLL!  Won't be as big as our Rocky Dog but still adorable and wiggly), we got to go bowling the day AFTER Will's birthday and he was o.k. with that. Sometimes he lets his Phlegmatic shine through.

Will got way too many Legos from his Nana (THANK YOU MOM!!!), plenty of money (thank you Grandma's and Grandpa's), a HUGE box of crayons (he's a coloring fool), tracing paper, and kites.

Every second of every day Will announces  "I can do that...I'M FIVE!"  I taught him a funny little joke to help people understand him better.  He tells everyone and their dog that it was his birthday Monday and now he can hold up all five finger and tell them how old he is.  "I'm a handful!" he says.

Happy Birthday to my little devil in the angel suit!!!


Miss M said...

That is one COOL CAMO cake. I almost didn't see it there on the counter

The Neads said...

cute cute... I love your posts.. the letter to the president was funny..
Will is such a doll.. the camo cake was really cool... I'll have to try that