Why can't all my days be like today?

Nothing annoyed me.

Boys were perfect.

Hubby was sweet.

Workout got done.

I think it all started when Ned left me the most thoughtful voicemail EVER.  Went like this

"Hi Hon.  I forgot to take a pen out of my church shirt.  Please check for it before you wash clothes."

SERIOUSLY!  He actually thought about what I would be doing today, what might add stress to my life, how could he spare me some work, and WOW!

No temper tantrums.

No fighting.

No uncontrollable food cravings.

Rainbows and ponies and flowers.

AHHHHHH It's heaven on earth!

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Miss M said...

Aw, that is sweet. I hope tomorrow is nice. Watch out for those ponies, I hear they can make some stinky messes.