Nana's Mothers Day Craft


Nana is a "hard to buy for" when it comes to gifts.  Do you have those?  They don't necessarily NEED anything and they're practical people, but photos and frames get old real fast.  So when Nana mentions something she'd love to have, if it's in my power, it's hers because HEY one less thing eh?

I crafted this Saturday and was quite impressed with the results.  Check it out!

Stars are anniversaries and hearts are birthdays.  THANKS Rima and Elena!


Elena said...

So fun! Love the way it turned out! I like the stars and hearts representing the different occasions. Nice job. I'm glad to finally see the project. I am sure she'll love it.

MIN:) said...

That is so great! Love that idea!

Camilla said...

Great idea!